Japanese food facts( Top 5 Japanese skewers yakitori)

WHAT IS YAKITORI: In general, Japanese skewers(yakitori) means: Yakitori (焼きYaki=grilled, 鳥 tori=chicken) Yakiton (焼Yaki=grilled, 豚 ton=pork) Yakimono (焼Yaki=grilled, 焼 mono=items) Kushi Mono (Kushi=skewer, mono=items) Gyu Kushi (Gyu=beef, Kushi=skewer) Yasai Kushi (Yasai=vegetables, Kushi=skewer) Japanese skewers usually grilled with salt, pepper, or special sauce (tare) Yakitori焼き鳥/Yakiton焼き豚/Yakimono焼物/KushiMono串物 All these four words refer to skewers items. In Japanese restaurants … Read more