Raw Fish Sushi

What is raw fish sushi:

It is a dish made by placing raw fish slices on the top of the vinegared rice (usually white rice). It is served with wasabi and soy sauce.

raw fish sushi
Raw fish sushi

When we talk about sushi, the first thing that comes to mind is Japanese sushi.

Is sushi Japanese? What does sushi mean in Japanese language?

Yes, sushi is a typical Japanese food.

raw fish sushi
Image of traditional sushi

In the Nara period (710-794), the fermentation method of preserving fish
using rice was introduced from Southeast Asia. The Japanese began to use different fermentation methods for preserving fish. With the long history and change in the fermentation method, sushi was born at the end of the Edo period (1820). Japanese chefs used raw fish for the first time as a dish. They placed it over the rice and served it. This was the beginning of today’s sushi culture. And this is how sushi was invented.

The kanji or character of sushi was made in the Edo period.

In Japanese language SUSHI = 寿司,

(寿=kotobuki) , means long life

(司=tsukasadoru), means to take charge of or to take control

Thus, the meaning of Japanese kanji,

sushi is “controlling or taking care of long life”.

Who made sushi?

Image of Hanaya Yohei

At the end of the Edo period (1820), Hanaya Yohei invented today’s Japanese-style sushi. The Japanese call him The Father of sushi.

Is sushi healthy? Is it safe to eat raw fish sushi in Japan?

Raw fish sushi consists of low calories and is high in proteins, vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D), and minerals that help your body function. And also is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, which play an important role to make your heart healthy by preventing various heart diseases.

Similarly, vinegared rice for sushi helps blood pressure and blood fats. Wasabi is also good for overall health. It contains various nutrients. Also, the compounds of wasabi have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Yes, it is safe to eat raw fish in Japan, and have a long history of serving it. They have long experience, various methods, and advanced technology to sterilize the raw fish so that they can eat it raw. Raw fish pieces or slices are frozen and refrigerated properly to kill the harmful bacteria and parasites.

Is raw fish sushi gluten free?

Usually raw fish and rice both are gluten-free. But vinegar used to make sushi rice may contain gluten. Also, most soy sauce contains wheat and is not gluten-free. If you have celiac disease, then it will be best to request the chef or the manager of the sushi bar to make complete gluten-free sushi.

Is raw fish sushi fattening or good for weight loss?

Raw fish doesnot contains a lot of calories.

Reason why sushi rice are not fattening:

Warm rice contains starch, which causes fatness. But when rice is cooled, the starch turns into resistant starch. Resistant starch is hard to digest and has the same effect as dietary fiber, so it will suppress the rise in blood sugar levels and also reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fat.

In conclusion, raw fish sushi is not fattening and it may be good for weight loss, only if we choose the low-calorie items and become careful about the quantity we take.

Is it safe to eat raw fish sushi when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Even though seafood is nutritious and good for health, it is not safe to eat during pregnancy. Because it can cause food poisonings such as Listeriosis and Anisakiasis. The bacteria and parasite also have risks to the fetus.

The risk of pathogens passing to the baby through breast milk is nearly about zero percent. So you may eat it. But always concern with your doctor before you eat any sushi. Because they know the condition of mother and child than anyone else.

Sushi menu:

raw fish sushi
Traditional Sushi bar and menu

Types of raw fish sushi and calories:

SuzukiSea bass41
TaiReds snapper41
UniSea urchin64
AmaebiSweet shrimp60
AnagoConfer eel63
HamachiYoung yellowtail51
IkuraSalmon roe39
KohadaGizzard shad40

How much is sushi in Tokyo:

It will price about 1000 yen to 10000 yen or more per person. The price depends on which restaurant we choose and what we eat.

Most expensive sushi in tokyo:

Sukiyabashi Jiro

raw fish sushi
Sukiyabashi Jiro

It is the most famous and also expensive sushi in Tokyo. Famous celebrities, soccer stars, and also president Obama visited here.

raw fish sushi
President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinjo Abe
expensive raw fish sushi
David beckham in Sukiyabashi Jiro

Price per person is about 40000 yen or more.

Cheapest sushi in Tokyo:

Kappa Sushi

cheapest raw fish sushi
Kappa Sushi (credit:www.manusmenu.com)

Kappa Sushi is one of the cheapest and delicious sushi in Tokyo. The price starts at 100 yen per plate. They also have food menu courses like 60 min=1500 yen, which means you can eat all the things of that course as much you like.

Best sushi in Tokyo:


raw fish sushi

It’s one of the best and most famous conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo. The price is also very reasonable. Per person, the average cost will be about 2000 yen to 3000 yen.

Sushi Zanmai


It’s one of the best and most famous sushi restaurants in Tokyo. It is a non-conveyor belt type. The price is also reasonable. Per person cost will be about 2000 yen to 3000 yen on average.

Ginza Kyubey

raw fish sushi
Ginza Kyubey (credit:pinterest)

Talking about popularity, Ginza Kyubey may be the number one among Japanese people. The price is a little expensive. It may cost 10000 yen to 20000 yen per person on average.


Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that is famous all over the world. We explain the invention of the sushi, benefits, and demerits of eating sushi, prices in Tokyo, etc.

We hope you get your answers about sushi.

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