Japanese lunch ideas

In this post, we will explain about Japanese lunch ideas. We will talk about the best 5 results of Japanese lunch heard directly from Japanese peoples of the age group 25-40. Also, we will give you the information about the typical lunch in Japan, the costs of lunch in Japan, etc.


1. Ramen:

Japanese lunch ideas
Ramen (credit: livejapan.com)

I think everyone interested in Japan knows about Ramen. It is one of the most typical Japanese food that many of the Japanese people including foreigners eat for lunch. It is one of the best Japanese lunch ideas. Although there are many types and tastes of Ramen. but tonkotsu, salt, shoyu, and miso ramen are common. I love tonkotsu must. The best part of eating ramen in Japan is by paying the sum of additional amount you can add any topping like ramen eggs, roasted pork fillet(chashu), cabbage, etc. Whatever there are in menus you can add them in your ramen bowl.

How much does it cost?

Although the price of ramen varies depending on the shop. But it is about 500 yen to 800 yen on average.

Cup ramen
Japanese lunch ideas
Cup noddles (credit: dreamstime.com)

As lunchtime in Japan is about 1 hour, most peoples often choose cup ramen instead of going to a ramen shop. Another reason is cup ramens are cheaper than a ramen shop. Although the taste is not as good as a ramen shop, believe me, cup ramens are also delicious.

2. Soba:

Japanese lunch ideas
Soba with mentsuyu (credit:livejapan.com)

It is also one of the Japanese lunch ideas. It is also one of the traditional Japanese lunch.soba are the thin noddles made from buckwheat and wheat flours.

The simple way to eat soba is with mentsuyu. Japanese eats soba with tempura,natto etc.

How much does it cost?

Simple soba noddles cost between 500 yen to 1000 yen. If you add tempura or something then the cost may be a little higher.

3. Japanese rice bowls (donburi):

Sashimi rice bowl (credit: tripadvisor.com)

Taking about Japanese lunch ideas, rice bowls are the most common. The picture above showed is a sashimi rice bowl. Any foods when placed over rice, it becomes a rice bowl. If you put pork or beef over a rice bowl, then it becomes a meat rice bowl which is also called butadon or gyudon in the Japanese language.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on what you put over your rice bowls. For example, as porks and beef are cheaper than sashimi in japan, they cost less than sashimi bowls.

Simple pork and beef rice bowls cost around 500 yen. While simple sashimi rice bowls cost between 800 to 1000 yen.

4. Japanese bento:

Japanese lunch ideas
Japanese bento (credit: thetruejapan.com)

Bento is one of the most popular Japanese lunch ideas. If you are a rice lover, then it is the best option.

You can easily buy it in all convenience stores where you will get different varieties like fish, pork, beef, curry…

Japanese lunch ideas
convenience stores bento (credit: spoonniversity.com)

Or you may prepare it in-home, with side dishes anything you want to eat

Japanese lunch ideas
Japanese homemade bento (credit: justonecookbook.com)

How much does it cost?

If you buy it from convenience stores, the cost starts from 300 yen. And if we prepare at home, then it depends on what food we use.

5. Fast food:

Fast foods

This is not a typical Japanese lunch. But as we are talking about the results of the questionnaire, we came to know that fast food is also a popular Japanese lunch idea.

The reasonable price, fast delivery, and easy takeouts are the most common reasons for having lunch in fast food restaurants.

How much does it cost?

If we choose Mcdonald’s, then it will cost between 200 yen to 500 yen while other fast-food restaurants are slightly expensive.

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