Japanese breakfast foods

What do you think is the most important thing for us to live in?

MEALS right? As we know Japanese people live long and healthy. The secret of it lies in their three meals of a day. In this post, we will talk about Japanese breakfast foods. We will talk about the best 5 Japanese breakfast results heard directly from Japanese peoples of the age group 25-40.

NOTE: According to the survey result we found that white rice, miso soup, and pickles are absolutely necessary


1.Grilled fish meal set:

Japanese breakfast foods
credit: gohansaisai.com

This is the traditional Japanese breakfast food menu. White rice, miso soup, pickles, and grilled fish. The type of grilled fish seems to change depending on the season.

2.Japanese rice balls:

Japanese breakfast foods
credit: kurukura.jp

Japanese rice balls are the most common breakfast. You can easily make it at home or buy it at a nearby convenience store. All you have to do is, cook rice then make balls of rice. Wrap with grilled seaweed and put your favorite item in the top(as in photo) or inside the rice ball.

3. Natto(fermented soybeans) rice:

Japanese breakfast foods
credit: amanaimages.com

It is the most popular Japanese breakfast food. Most of the Japanese eat natto rice. The reason behind the popularity is, the research shows that natto contains various elements that are good for health. Another one is, its very easy to make. All you have to do is put your natto and raw egg over the rice, put some shoyu or soy sauce(if you have, then put some Japanese mustard also). After that mix all very well and your natto rice is ready. You can buy natto in any convenience stores inside japan or order it online. Japanese eggs are considered safe to eat raw also. But be careful about raw eggs and ask your seller if you can eat it raw or not.

My experience about natto:

I went to Japan as an international student in 2008. After a few months, I was able to make Japanese friends in a part-time job. One of my Japanese friends invited me to a meal. I ate natto(natto sushi) for the first time. The smell and taste were so terrible that I vomited everything that was inside my stomach and decided to never try natto again. A friend who was watching it next to me laughed a lot and told me that the taste of natto is an adult taste. At that time I was 19 years old, and I was like the adult taste? whats that.

As time passed, when I was 26, I went out for dinner with the same friend and tried natto again. I felt it strangely delicious. Delicious right? He asked me. He added this is the taste of the adults which I told you 7 years ago. I still don’t know what the taste of the adults is, but natto is the only one Japanese food that I felt delicious as an adult even though it smelled bad.

4. Japanese breakfast egg omlet (dashimaki tamago) and rice:

Japanese breakfast foods
credit: minna-no-kurashi.jp

How to make dashimaki tamago click here

This is also one of the Japanese breakfast dishes. During cooking, we mix eggs with dashi. As a result, the taste is very different than simple omelets and a great match with rice. Don’t worry, once you get used to it, you will be able to make it immediately.

5. Japanese style sandwich:

credit: king5.com

Because of the busy mornings, many people nowadays prefer a simple breakfast like a sandwich. As the Japanese are very conscious about their food habits, they use healthy content like more green vegetables, low-calorie meats, etc.

These are the most heard 5 results. What do you think about these Japanese breakfast foods? If you have any suggestions contact and comment on us.

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